Miedzynarodowy festiwal teatru formy


Materia Prima 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We invite you to the next edition of the MATERIA PRIMA. 3rd INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE FORM THEATRE. CULTURAL POLES – a unique event worldwide. We offer carefully selected shows presented by twelve eminent theatres from: France, Israel, Germany, Norway, Russia, Italy and Poland. The shows are attractive, picturesque and spectacular. The theatres attending the Festival are world-famous, they mark their presence at the most prestigious festivals, and are winners of important awards. Most of them will appear in Poland for the first time!

The authors of the FORM THEATRE make use of the exceptional language of extraverbal communication and issue an invitation to a meeting with the very essence oftheatre: the rich artwork, musical and movement layers of the shows.The FORM THEATRE is a total theatre, combining a wide spectrum of arts, such as mask theatre, puppet theatre, theatre of objects, shadow theatre, new circus, movement theatre, dance theatre, visual theatre, and performance, while the MATERIA PRIMA offers an “explosive mix” of all these genres and forms.

We hope that the shows presented during the Festival stir the deepest layers of your emotions and of the unimpeded imagination, and that their open structure and multitude of metaphors and symbols enhances the freedom of interpretation.

As usual, we do not avoid experiments and a creative search.  Anna Peschke’s theatre and the creative Antje Töpfer & Florian Feisel duo will reveal to you a multi-plane, surreal, and at the same time aesthetically refined world of the form theatre. We will also present the work of eminent choreographers. Emiliano Pellisari and his NoGravity Dance Company will present their own interpretation of The Divine Comedy, showing a phenomenal and apparently impossible aerial dance, which is bound to be quite an event at the festival. The world-famous Carte Blanche. The Norwegian National Company of  Contemporary Dance will perform in Poland for the first time, presenting  the choreography of a Spanish artist, Marcos Morau. You will also see author’s own show of an expressive choreographer, Caroline Finn, and you will be able to notice how in the Teatr Groteska’s production the visual theatre is combined with the dance theatre. The forces of gravity will be challenged by two French theatres, the representatives of visual and physical theatre: Compagnie 111 – Aurélien Bory and the new circus, Compagnie L’Immédiat. The eternal puppet theatre and shadow theatre tradition will be referred to in the shows of: Compagnie La Pendue, the “Teremok” Theatre and the show of two Israeli artists, Yaniv Shentser and Meirav Ben David. Eventually, Compagnie Philippe Genty – the star of Materia Prima 2010 – will make a triumphal return to Krakow, in order to present the visions from the borderland of dreams.

We also invite you to take part in the numerous accompanying events of the Festival, which will more extensively present the Form Theatre issues: meetings with artists, conferences, discussions, film shows, and an exhibition.

MATERIA PRIMA, according to alchemical terms, is a starting material from which PURE GOLD is generated, while according to theatrical terms it is a substance from which PURE BEAUTY emerges. Both of them constitute a metaphor and a search – a synonym of man’s eternal aspiring for perfection. LET US TOGETHER LOOK FOR BEAUTY IN THE THEATRE!

Please accept our kind invitation!



Adolf Weltschek, Festival Director

Zuzanna Głowacka, Festival Programme Director 



Today the Groteska Theatre is generally known not only from its excellent performances, fine puppets and unusual stage experiments, but also from its unique artistic projects, among which the Materia Prima Festival should be mentioned on the first place.

The bi-annual International Festival of the Form Theatre attracts the most interesting artists from all over the world to Kraków, contributing to the city’s good tradition as a centre for independent, experimental art and of the free spirit.

I am pleased that on the year of the 100th anniversary of Tadeusz Kantor’s birth we will host the leading representatives of the theatre of form in Kraków.

I cordially invite you to take part in this unique event and the accompanying reviews, discussions and conferences. I invite you to the meeting with the most outstanding artists of contemporary visual stage, which will stimulate your imagination.

Jacek Majchrowski

The Mayor of the City of Kraków

Teatr Groteska, ul. Skarbowa 2, Kraków